End caps won't come out

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Wd-40 sux for that, use pb blaster.. Home depot has it and 99% of the auto parts stores..

Set screws are very important as Op mentioned. Lol

Worst case, vise grip it and use a slid hammer action, like snatching out a tooth.. Don't hit yourself when it comes out..


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Try warming it up a bit, not so hot you cannot touch it, but just a little warm. Put a rag and two sets of Pliers on it, and gently work it out.


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another trick is when you heat the tip up get yourself some dry ice and quench the area right behind the tip.should be the pipe.your expanding the tip with heat and as the the heat transfer back down into the pipe you shrink it by quenching it with the dry ice.


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Here we go i'll try this tomorrow..for my Vance and Hines hi outputs
1) you will need a solid tool with a small hooked end, a pair of big vice grips and a hammer
2) insert hooked end into one of the small baffle holes. Make sure you have a solid connection
3) on the end of the hooked tool attach the vice grip perpendicular to it
4) use hammer and pound the vice grip to pull the baffle set/end cap out (they are attached)
5) once you get the baffle out about 1/2" this frees the friction of the end cap and the outside pipe
6) you can then slide the baffle set out (they sit pretty tight in the fabric wrapping so be carefull, you might need to twist them a little)
7) Once you get the baffles out you can use an allen wrench to remove the three screws to remove the end cap from the baffle.

They can be a bit of a pain when reinstalling so that the oustide end cap screw holes line up. Note! The end cap fits pretty tight into the outer muffler. That's what makes them hard to get out. You will need to tap them back in with a block of wood and a hammer.

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