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Educate me on big wheel stance

Tim Harber

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Sorry if this is too basic.

I have 2019 RG. I'm about to add my personal touches via rear bags and fender but also would like to go to a 26" front wheel and tire. I'm not set on a 26 but from what I have read its regarded as better handling than a 30.

I've seen bikes that look like they sit really high (like a 4x4) and others that are slammed down low. I prefer the slammed look but do not know enough about this to know what makes the difference. Is there a site or somewhere I can get a grip on all of this? See the pics attached. These are all beautiful bikes and no disresepct to the first one but that's not the look I want.

Also, is there a relationship to be kept between front and rear wheel diameters?




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First bike has no air ride front or rear, sits high on stock suspension. Second bike has aftermarket front and rear air ride and its lowered down.