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Easyriders show Knoxville TN

TraceCave Customs

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Well it shows just 20% Friday and 63 deg. I told my wife she will dry out on the way home Sat if we get caught in it. We will see Friday morning probably where her heart is. :) I am looking forward to getting away.
I'm looking forward to getting away too. First time alone with the GF in over 3 years. Might not make the show WINK WINK.
I can hear you now. All the way there bugging your wife. ARE WE THERE YET? ARE WE THERE YET? Damn I should have rode the bike. ARE WE THERE YET?
Oh god this is gonna be a messed up weekend. What did I get myself into?

2 southern boys and one Yankee go to a Easyride bike show.