Does this shit ever end? HAHA another $12-$14K into it... winter/spring make-over

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Does this shit ever end? HAHA another $12-$14K into it... winter/spring make-over
Finally done! Well close enough to at least post some pics anyway. I have a few things left to do but here are some of the winter/spring mods:
Engine -
FM 107 complete build, crank welded, plugged, Timken bearing upgrade, 555 cams, level A head work, Throttle body P&P = 107HP 119TQ
Heads & cylinders diamond cut.
Exhaust -
Sinister Industries "Up Yours" pipe
Suspension (done last year actually) -
Front H-D lowering kit 1"
Rear Arnott air ride Blistin
Handlebars -
Yaffe 10" chrome, chrome controls, PM grips
Body and paint -
FBI front fender (done previously)
FBI chin spoiler (done previously)
Front fairing - H-D with a Bagger shade wind deflector molded on for a seamless look.
Sinister Industries Stretched tank kit.
Sinister side covers
Sinister bags
Sinister Top Flight 6X9 speaker lids
Sinister seat pan
FBI rear fender with cut in LED ramp lights (run & brake)
FBI all in one run/brake/turn cat-eye rear light and tag frame molded into the fender for a seamless look.
Everything (including front forks, headlight trim ring, saddlebag support bars, and front fender brackets) was painted Tuxedo Black Metallic from 2012 Ford... looks amazing in the sun. It is a really dark black but in some lights it looks like a dark charcoal... pics don't show how awesome this color really is.
Audio -
Hawg Wired H-D to Sony install kit and harness
Sony DSX210 head unit
JL Audio XD200/2 amp wired parallel at 2 ohms (inside the fairing with just a few little mods)
6.5" Focal CVX components (built in crossovers) up front
6X9 Polk Audio 3way marine grade (built in crossovers) in the rear
This set up sounds awesome!
Other accessories (some new some previously installed)
All Spun aluminum gauges
Magnum black pearl cables
PM floor boards, passenger pegs, shift and brake levers, etc
every bolt is chrome or has a chrome hot topper
Wheels are PM/Forge Tech Creation 7's
Here are some build pics and finish pics... better pics in a week or so.
2010 SG 022.jpg2010 SG 001.jpg2010 SG 002.jpg2010 SG 003.jpg2010 SG 005.jpg


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Cant get more than a few pics to post at a time... oh well I think you get the idea lol


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How well do the lids fit?

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they actually fit really good! About 3 hours of labor to prep them for paint though! They are heavy and strong... not some cheap ass plastic I have seen in other lids... but they did need more body work than I expected... as with the rest of the Sinister parts.


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Bike looks great dude! I may have over looked it but what size wheel? 21? I like the seat too.

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