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I know for a fact Camtech has matched a couple. I would be willing to bet True Custom could do it also.

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PPG will not have the CVO codes, only the couple of shops that paint directly for Harley will have formulas for those colors. You can however match most of them with either HOK or PPG. It takes a bit of detective work, but can be done.


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we did a cvo match on a 23 front fender .Its definitely a bunch of screwing around but usually some shop has had to do it at some point and they post formula's online etc.

This spiced rum color is PPG and its a dead match ,we messed around for a while with one shot pinstripe paint to match the red on the pinstripe to match the CVO flames .

CVO paint is such a pain because they try and keep those codes under lock and key but eventually someone ends up mixing it and fine tuning it .You just have to hope it translates to whatever paint product you use .We tried it with PPG waterbourne at first and it didnt match at all ,it was kind of pinkish and didnt have the depth (water crap rarely does) .We went with the solvent based PPG and it matched panel to panel .

We added the real gold leaf which was also a match (HD uses real gold leaf for sure not imitation ,the fake stuff is not even close to match )



Covingtons painter has also painted the same color bike front to back in the CVO rum color for a 26" bike and it turned out insane .Whoever paints for covington is a seriously good painter .They have thier CVO 26 on their website

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I bitched out and just decided to go with a 21... wanted a 23 bad but with needing to get trees, fender, and match the paint the extra cost didnt warrant the two extra inches. Nice work azzkikr, im sure ill need to repaint or paint some new parts sometime. I know brian loker used to paint for covington, not sure if he still does...

I have my rear arnott's on, went with a 17" rear and i have the progressive lowering kit for the front. I'll have everything on next week, hope it looks good


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