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Custom Stereo


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This is my set up 4 focal KRX2's 4 tweeters with a kenwood deck. All custom and pretty cool cause I personally havent seen a set up like it yet there probably is a few out there but oh well It sounds good lol. We molded the side panels to the bags. I wanted stretched side covers but it wouldnt work with my speaker set up so we did that instead which I think came out good.

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One of THE 150!
That bike looks 20' long and stretched with those bags and the rear fender. Very nice.


One of THE 150!
wow, well done! i work alot with glass and know what it takes to ge tsmoooooth lines like that, very well done! and oyu still have use of the bag! love it


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Looks damn good! I have all four mids & tweets in the front fairing & lower fairings, then three pairs of 165KRC's in the top of the saddle bag lids. Now that F'n jams

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