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custom stereo on a 03 RK

Bare Knuckle Baggers

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we installed two polk 6x9s in the saddle bags facing towards the wheel. Mounted a 4ch 800w digital amp in the left bag. For the front speakers we took kc spot light buckets faced them towards the rider and installed polk 4 inch speakers in the front. The whole system is run off his ipod.....this thing rocks pretty good its clear on the interstate382802_345065182189112_100000569007714_1277669_120265190_n.jpg404358_344761638886133_100000569007714_1276901_1732540671_n.jpg408875_345063942189236_100000569007714_1277664_769640825_n.jpg


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new to the site !got to say i love it. backyard baggers due you have any tutorials on putting small speakers in the kc spot light housing ?