Custom Softail Bagger

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Not a lot going on, I did more damage to the tank with the epoxy bleeding through the tape than I realized, and had to sand it out, when sanding it turns the flake to silver so had to touch that up, black again then the flake. I know that the old metal flake was metal and if sanded turned silver but I had hoped that the new plastic metal flake would be the same color all the way through, so when sanded would not change color but I was wrong.

I was able to get the clear over the flake so I can start to wet sand that. Then comes the toner and lettering on the side of the tank, hope to do that tomorrow. No photo, imagine the same photo that I posted last week, looks the same only different, LOL

I was able to get a coat of carbon fiber on the inside of the dash to help bond the top to the bottom. Also put a layer on the low spots so that I can start to shape the dash more.


It will have one more layer over the whole thing after the shaping to give the final carbon look. But that is later not now.