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custom rear fender!! 03 RK

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we took a matador rear fender filler you buy from badad and molded it in to the factory rear fender. The customer wanted to keep the old school look of the tailights but have a new school type fender...this is what i came up with. I will post the full build pics soon. Enjoy.387461_341537582541872_100000569007714_1268170_1050126519_n.jpg381923_341538252541805_100000569007714_1268172_1562470942_n.jpg404358_344761638886133_100000569007714_1276901_1732540671_n.jpg


I used to own some shit!
Can you explain to the non-body guy types like myself how you did it?

-What do you bond the extension to the fender with?
-What type of filler do you use?
-Did you use filler or fiberglass to make the raised area?

I have ZERO body skills and would like to learn some of this stuff.

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ya im with you on that bill i have played with it but got no clue what i was doing. like to leard myself .
im sure it would help to keep the cost down for the DIY people .

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One of THE 150!
I used a product called panel bond made by 3m. sanded it down smooth after it dried, then went back over it with a putty called icing. the raised area is part of the fender extension. at last i put three coats of 2k urethane primer sanded it down a painted it.