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Conventional / HID / LED Headlight...Need Pro's & Con's...


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Chartering into an area I am unfamiliar with...LIGHTING! Which are you using, have used or prefer? I am leaning towards an 7" LED headlamp...Your input appreciated


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The black led from Harley looks good, then see on going down the road I almost broke my neck trying to get a second look! I had/have a Harley dual halogen housing, worked very nice and looked different. Reasonable too. I took it out only to put a headlight in with built in turns. With hid and turns in the housing looms pretty good.


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Boy, this is a subject that seems to keep coming up. You have a SG, so you can get the HD or Kury LED. From personal experience the HD looks better (IMO), but the Kury (Trucklite) is more visible in the daylight, and about 1/2 the price, both are bright at night. HID's are a whole lot less $$$ and are nice and bright (shine further IMO). Many will argue and say the HID's are too bright, and do not focus the beam causing you to get flashed by oncoming drivers, I totally disagree, (I've had them for over a year and have never been flashed). Also if you aim them correctly they are great. I'm currently trying HID projectors and do not like them as much as regular HID's. I have a RG, so for now I don't have a choice between HID and LED, I would say do the research and check with bikers who have one or the other. BTW if you wait until you ride to Daytona Kury and HD will be well represented there along with a few thousand bikes, that would be a good time, lol.


THERE Is a thread over on hd forums with prob the most detailed comparison between the 2 leds (kury/hd)

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