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chrome or black wheels HELP!!!


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[]Ok guys ineed some help. I have a 2005 electra-glide in vivid black. It currently has stretched bags and stretched rear fender. It has brushed stainless accents such as frenched license plate frame and custom bag latches. i also highlighted derby, cam cover and trans cover by hitting them lightly with a scotchbrite pad. SOOO i want and did it. HHI trees and cut the neck with 26 inch Fat Katz frontfender,black prime apes with a 16 inch Glenndyne brake set-up. Im going to run the Glenndyne G-4. Need help Chrome or industrial black with a silver accent. Not ano cut. Im pretty new at this image sheit so i hope i did it correctly Bagger 008.jpg ATTACH]3187[/ATTACH] Bagger 009.jpg


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Chrome or a contrast cut wheel that shows a ton of polished aluminum.

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As much chrome as you already have, I'd def go chrome. Maybe a contrast cut, but only because of your stainless accents. Def not an all black wheel.


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There's quite a range of contrast cuts these days. Some have more polish/chrome than others.


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For the way your bike is set up...chrome or contrast IMO
See if you can post a throttle side picture too.
I would say chrome also. The G4 is almost completely black except for between the spokes... not enough aluminum IMO. Go chrome.

____AND I EDIT! Just seen a different pic of the G4 at True Kustoms website and it has alot of contrast cut that I hadn't seen... hmmmmm, still weigh in with Chrome._____
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