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I'll start by introducing myself, I am John aka Chops and reside in Salem NH. I first joined the Harley world about 3 years ago with my 883XLC. Recently, I have picked up my first bagger. It's a 2004 Electra Glide FLHTP (retired police bike). I put about 200 miles on it and retired it to my bike lift for dis-assembly.
I have been researching and ordering parts to give it a decent make over. Hope everyone gets something out of the thread, I am part of a few other bike forums. I have helped many, learned from many and enjoy the positive/negative feedback from others experiences. So with all that bullshit said, onto the pics!!! I will start off with showing some pictures of my garage built death trap aka my hardtail sportster built out of my garage by myself, brother and a close friend who knows how to burn metal ;)

Here is how she looked when I picked her up. Yes it did have a seat, I took it off during cleaning it... :witless:



Drove the bike for about 5 miles to retire it to my bike lift... Over the winter, I did some cutting, powder coating, parts purchases and resulted in this:


Although I was somewhat happy with the outcome, it still was not enough. I was looking at other bikes and feeling mine was way under my own personal level of tinkering. So this past winter it went back under the knife for it's second round of a complete makeover. Here is how she sits today, still have a few things to wrap it up. Some hand done graphics/striping, relocate a couple things and install some new parts I have for it.


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Ok ok, enough about the girl bike... Here are some of the bagger, like I said I have not really done anything besides for dis assemble and order parts etc.





How she sits today:

My basement:

To order/do list:

21'' Front Wheel
New contour 21'' front fender
Russel cables/lines
New Seat
Shave saddlebag lids/ install flush mount latches
4'' slip ons
New Hand grips
Integrate rear turn/brake light via hidden LED strips
Full Custom paint job
Plus much much more

Purchased items/already done:

13'' Prime Apes
Fully adjustable air ride in the rear
Progressive 2'' lowering springs in the front
BadDad Stretched saddlebags w/exhaust cut outs
BadDad Wide rear fender w/exhaust cut outs
Install purchased BikeTronics aftermarket install kit/Alpine HeadUnit, Inifinity component system
Updated to New style Front headlamp (H4)
Bought new Saddlebag mounts to remove the saddlebag guards
Red LED Gauge light upgrade done via GAUGELEDMODS.COM

Currently being powder coated:

Lower fork legs
Headlight trim ring
Crash bar
Street Glide front turn signals with brackets
Upper chrome bracket found directly under fairing
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I like what you did to the little sporty, those things are a blast!! You also have a good bike to start with for a kick ass bagger. Those cop bikes make a good starting point since its got a little performance on it already.


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That sporty is Sick, I can't wait until my buddy "Left Leg Mulisia" sees this...


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Are you changing the exhaust?

I am keeping them tru duals, but going to be swapping out those small slip ons for some 4'' ones. To anyone interested, I have a decent amount of the OEM parts for sale.

we are neighbors I live in Derry close to North Salem

Good to know, I am new in the area. Just purchased my first home here in Salem in March of this year.

Thumbs up to the rest of you on the positive praise. Once this holiday weekend passes, I can get back into full speed on the bike. I had to put it on the back burner the past few weeks. I am itching to start back up on it. Hope everyone has a great weekend and a happy new year!!


I used to own some shit!
You might want to talk to Frank from Drago's about the mufflers. His have many options and features not seen elsewhere.

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Sweet rides bro, looking forward to seeing the bagger build progress

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I will be updating the thread soon, I have just been lazy and keep running into small issues around every corner. Gathering some more parts together tomorrow and then maybe I can actually get something accomplished.

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