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checking in from Wa state


Hi guys, thanks for the new site.

I've got my 07 RK (ex-cop bike) torn down for motor mods. I'm building a 107 with TW8 cams, ported heads and a 50mm throttle body. Installed PYO monkey bars and changed the final drive pulleys to 30/68. I'll ride it with the stock wheels this year, and next year, I'm thinking I'll rake it for a 23" front end and extend the bags and rear fender. Lots of ways a guy can spend some money with these things.



I used to own some shit!
Glad to have you here on ChoppedBaggers.com!

Oh, and your bike fell apart.:witless:


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Right on man. Glad you liked the looks of the place. Good to have another PNW representative.