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Checkin' in from Ks.


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Hello all, my name is Tom aka "Z". I made the jump to baggers about 4 years ago with an 04 Ultra. After doing a few mods to it I decided to move to a Road Glide last January to further feed my mod hunger. It was a stocker 06 with 5300 miles. low miles, low intro price, more cash for stuff. Since then changes include 21" up front 18" out back RC Comp. CZARs'. 13" rotors with Jaybrake6 extreme caliper left side only. Wild 1 515 bars. So far the only motor twiks are intake and exhaust (lame I know). And a little paint here and there ect. Current winter project includes painting inner fairing, front hugger fender for the 21"er, Top Shop generation 2 full stretch bags, Oldys stretched r. fender with LED tail lights, paint the tank to remove the stripe, and paint the headlight bezel to match. Looking forward to ideas and coaching from the membership.



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Welcome. Have you ever thought about a stripe kit to go with what is on the tank? I always liked those on the Rg's.


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Glad to have you here!!!

I must warn you though... Hold on to your wallet :)

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Thanks guy's for the welcome and a big thanks to Chainsaw for the invite via Roadglide.org

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