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CamTech Lids


Resident JerkFade
I shipped my Cycle Sounds lids to Cameron to get them worked into his style lids. They did the body work, but it was cracking, so Cameron is molding me some brand new lids and shipping them out. I should be one of the first people in the world with speaker lids, camtech style.

Another thank you shout out for CamTech - great guys, great company! Pics to follow next week when i get them! :5:


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They are sweet. I seen them when I was there. Why didnt I get these? AHHH, I wanted LED's in the spoilers for stop and turn lights. Somebody always wants something more.


Resident JerkFade
yeah LEDs would be cool in the lids, but then you're running more wires to them. I'm adding a 3rd brakelight under my seat at the rear edge. just a strip of LEDs wired in and will be brake only

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