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Brother In-Law needs Cam Chain Tensioner Help


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So heres the deal. My Bro In-Law has a 2005 Bagger that is in need of Cam Chain Tesioner Replacement. So instead of paying the Stealership $2700 to upgrade to the newer style Hydraulic setup. I said I would help him.

My question is...should he keep it stock and replace the bad parts? Upgrade to the Hydraulic Setup? Or get the S&S Gear drive setup with new cams?

I have no problems with tearing into engines and fixing them nor does he...But he does like to save $$$$$ where he can.

What would you do?????

Thanks in advance!


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You can't go wrong with the hydrolic or the stock parts. The stock shoes are only like $50-$60 plus a gasket so even if you changed them every year you still come out ahead. You could easily have him fixed up for around $100.

The hydrolic shoe is better but it still does wear and isn't going to last forever. One of the bigger benefits with those kits IMO is the larger volume oil pump.

Me personally, unless you are trying to suck out every last HP I wouldn't be able to justify the cost of a full gear driven set.

All just my opinion, everyone has one...


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The hydraulic is a great middle of the road option. Upgrade to the torrington inner cam bearings while you are in there. Where are you located?


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I live in Oconomowoc....he lives in Milwaukee! Torringtons for sure while its open. I will give him this info....if it were me I would just put in new shoes but I have a sick gun addiction that limits my bike funds lol!

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