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Big brake pad comparison


Stole this picture from Jason over at g force design concepts(not sure if hes a member on here or not?) showing the hhi vs stock vs glenndynes caliper brake pads

what a diff eh

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I saw that on FB too, and it makes sense, just at what point does surface area stop being a factor in comparison to number of pistons, if ever?


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Longer is great, but if the machined portion of the rotor isnt wide enough to support a wider pad, then you are out of luck huh?

I'd like to ditch a caliper and rotor on mine, but dont want to suffer braking loss


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So far so good on my bike .
It's G Force Design Concepts ,LOL thanks Brian for sharing that pic
I'll get pics of my bike up sometime....feel free if you want . Can't do it from my iPad


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Basically the number of pistons dosn't always mean more power, it does play apart in brake feel and sensitivity etc..but if 4 pistons have more area in terms of volume and the master cylinder can supply enough force it can quite concievably function better than a 6 piston with less piston volume. There are many factors in braking basically its "the application of managed friction utilizing force and rotor surface area". you need all 3 rotor size, power, and pads.

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