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Best 21in tire

Who makes the best 21in tire? I think I'm gonna pull the trigger on a nice used 21 RC Czar Eclipse. I know I know a 23in will be next year along with a raked neck, extended bags and extended rear fender. Damn I wish my money tree would GROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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my tree dead too.LOL I ran the metzler me880 on my last 2 bikes and loved it ,front and rear ,handleing ,wear and rain its been perfect


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I've tried Metzeler and Avon. Liked them both, but I run whitewalls right now and I like the whitewall on the Avon better. I was told the Avon would wear quicker, but not so in my case. Pretty much got the same milage out of both.


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+1 on the Metz. Wears like iron, good grip, fantastic in the rain. What more can you ask for?

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I like the Avon's tread pattern better that Metezler. I agree with the white wall looking better. The only reasons we sell more Metezler is they are cheaper costing.


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I've ran them both and couldn't tell the difference. Was happy with them both.


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We offer both the Metzeler ME800 and Avon tires, with the majority of our customers going with the Metz. PM me if you have any questions and as always let us know if we can help you with anything!