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beelapsDoorse GET OFF MY FORUM!!!


I used to own some shit!
This dumb ass has been "attempting" to spam the forum for over two days now.

They got about 10 threads up before I banned them, I was able to delete the threads before they were even viewed.

That was two days ago... Since then they have continued to try and post threads all day long despite the 4000 error messages they keep getting.

What a dumb ass....

The only thing I can think of is they can't read English so they have no idea what the error message says.

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I used to own some shit!
They are banned, which is different than deleted. By keeping the user named banned no other user names can be created under that up address.

They are not causing any harm, nor are they being productive.

I wonder if it is actually software attempting to post? I can't imagine a person sitting there for 2+ days trying.

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By the looks of it Bill this site will keep you busy enough, and maybe we'll have to buy rides from you.

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