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battery upgrade


What is the best battery that fits in the 09 and up location ..
I need a battery and am going to be doing stereo upgrades .



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My friends uses those in all of they race cars they build. How much are they for the bikes? I know for the cars they a BIG money


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Check out ballistic batteries. Supposed to be pretty good. Drag Specialties sells them.

bagger specialties

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i been useing a battery from battery ware house . not sure but this is my third or 4 year still stong. best i used so far . I dont recomend interstate . i have had bad luck with them. only lasted 6 months to a year with them.

Nautical Customs

We use Ballistic, Stinger, Harley Stock and Drag High Performances batteries.


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the ballistic batteries are bad ass! Couldn't believe how small and light they are


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So you would get the battery for when the bike is not running? Would there be a need to upgrade the output of the alternator when you reach a level of high end sound , air ride, aux. lights, etc.?
I have used them all Braille is the only way to go. $180 I think. You can run the radio for a hour and still have enough power left to start the bike. Stock battery will last about 10 mins

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