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I have looked at so many bags online I am only getting more confused.

I know what I am looking for but the two guys I talked to that had them made them.

One isnt going to offer them for sale unless a lot of people show an interest and the others are from Voodoo.
I never heard of them or know anyone who has dealt with them but so far I am not 100%

What I want are stretched bags that sweep back away from the bike.
I am going to try and attach a pic of a bike I saw called Black death, this bike has exactly what I want for bags/fender.
Where can I get something close to these or does anyone know of any pretty much the same as these?

2012-08-24 23.47.43-1.jpg

Thanks in advance,



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Spoke to the company that made these ONE OFF's and they are thinking they may make some sets BUT, they have only made this one set..

The NESS Down and OUt bags doa similar thing to these and Top Shop Viper bags have a nice Angle on them also..

I called them about these bags and the exhaust just yesterday.....

I do not know of any other bags that go long and low out away form the baggers than this set the sinnister recent bike build and the Down and Outs and the Vipers with their angle..

Hope that made sense...


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Thanks JD, I will look.
I saw the down and outs an wasnt impressed.
Maybe Sinister.

I too talked to the guy who made these one offs yesterday , lol he told me he didnt make a mold for them but if enough people expressed an interest he might.
They are getting this bike ready for Biktoberfest in FL so they are really busy right now.
I told him I am not in a rush at all and have until April or May even but I have little patience and just figured I would search and search and see if I could come up with something close.

He did say he would sell them as a kit for $2500 with the fender to match.

Its a lot of money but if I cold get exactly what I wanted I would be game.
I looked at Voodoos bags and they too are similar and have some pretty interesting speaker lids, so I might go that route.

Anyone deal with Voodoo
see these bags in the pics they are pretty close.

After seeing those black death bags I really cant settle on anything else, lol its killing me but these are perfect for my project, I even have sketches I made before I ever searched to see what was available and my sketches mach these pretty closely.
If anyone else has seen someone else making these available or can make some, lol that would be awesome!!



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Who is building the black bike???

Camtech has some sweet 6" bags, that is what going on the King.

Also Top Shop may be able to help, call Tony and explain what you want. "Coincidentally they became a vendor here today!"

Here are the 6" Camtech bags/fender.

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Holy coincidence Batman

IT is Topshops, I caught it in a post and didnt even realize it.

Funny thing is in another thread on hd boards I asked them if they can make me some ,lol
So they are here now as a vender?

Thats great.
Ok, well then its just a matter of time I guess.

I think they are beautiful, and specifically will work perfectly with this concept for my bike I am going to do.

I saw voodoo's and there not bad but these just have a bend to them that is perfect, I love them!

Bill, that white fender and bag?
yeah that loos great, very similar I think.

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