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Anybody read the little bit the Editor in Chief wrote in the new Baggers mag? It's kind of BS that this POS little "Irish bar" is even still in business! I say put them F'ers on blast and get the word out.

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I read that too. Just curious... is it possible that this never really happened, and it's just a story to generate conversation? Not saying it is, just posing the question. The job of a journalist, reporters, commentators, etc, is to talk about things that happened. And if those things create interest, or controversy, then that's a good thing (for sake of content).

Well, what if nothing happens, worthy to talk about? Then it becomes necessary to create "hypothetical" situations, or imagine what "could" happen. Especially in this current era of biker/rider controversy. With all of the reality tv situations (Laffing Devils, arrests, SOA controversy, etc), it's possible that this could be something that is just created to spark conversation and buzz.

And who knows... it may have really happened and in which case, I have to say is complete BS on the part of the bar and/or the "bouncer". If so, and at the very least, the "bouncer" guy is a jerk-off. Going to kick a patron out, then follow him outside to talk to him about his bike. Jerkoff. He's probably one of the same guys that walks up to you while you're gassing up your bike, and tells you about his uncle who used to have a Harley. Jerkoff.

Again, I'm not saying that's the case (or even a bad thing), but it's a possibility, right?


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Sometimes saying nothing is the best thing to do. I would have went down the street drank makers all day long and went back with my $100 bar tab and gave it to the mgr of the first bar.

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