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I am thinking about deleting the "Custom Bagger Builds" section and splitting up the "American Bagger Builds" into Batwing Builds, Shark Nose, Builds, Softail Bagger Builds, and Other American Baggers.

What do you guys think? Would you like it better if they were seperated? Maybe it would be easier for a guy that was only interested in Road Glides to see those builds???
Yeah, sounds like a better idea... good luck sorting the already posted threads... besides, arent they all custom baggers, even if some of us arent professionals?!


dont know, start getting too many sub forums the site becomes a pita to walk thru.

imo, nuke the custom builds and if/when some does build one - it will end up in american
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It's nice to have everything separated, but for the time being I would leave all American Bagger builds in one forum...at least until it get's too overwhelming to sift through it all!


One of THE 150!
Im on here alot , and I like to see everyones ride,I dont want to have to navigate too much