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anyone try making new style bags work on a older style electraglide? what i have is a 92 electraglide classic , i want the new style but my oil tank is in the way, so what im askin does anyone know if they make them or do i need to take a class in fiberglassing....lol

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well it just so happens i been wanting to do this for a very long time. .It is not the oil tank thats in the way its your batery box and crashbar thats in the way. i have found there is two ways to do this. One bad dad can do this they take one of there bags and cut out a section of the saddlebag to look like your original one. cost of bag plus an additional 300 dollars. or cut a bunch of stuff out of the way and put your battery under the seat. and you can use newer style bags and brackets.... I myself was thinking of doing the first option. but doing my own body work.. hope this was helpful

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