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Army Theme bagger from Southern MD

Heard about this website from a guy at the Timonium Motorcycle Show. Over the last 7 months I reinvented my 2001 FLHT for the second time. First time was getting old, so I wanted more "theme" and built a bike dedicated to the service that gave me my career! Hooah!

Came here to research the only change i am not sure about making... GOING 23". Love the look, just hard to think about the cost with all I have put into it lately... maybe next winters project.

Some real good info on here specifically about "badass baggers". Cant wait to explore!

Carl "Benji" Berry


One of THE 150!

Get an official chopped baggers wallet......I hear they have no bottom!!

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Thank god my wallet is new and the cards in it are maxed.... I am reading to many threads about 23" wheels for sale because of someone on here made them go to 26-30". That does mean I can get a great deal on 23" wheels soon!

Just need to find someone who does a wheel like the Army star. DNA is the 21" I have now, and I see one of the sponsors here has a kool 5 star wheel (Outlaw) that looks alot like my DNA... think they will sponsor me so I can get their wheels on the cheap? Got a empty back fender for their name to go on there!!!

Anyhow, I did create an album for my bike, but here is one taken at the show this past weekend. I will start a thread on the builds page showing more of what I did in a shed in my back yard...


Man, this pic is blurry....
thank you all, and I created a thread in the builds showing what I was able to do... pretty proud of myself... i draw pictures for a living!


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Saw the Army bike @Timonium. Was impressed with it very much. I love military themes to keep people remembering the reason we can all do what we love.