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Arizona Bike week


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I may cruise up just for the saturday, but really not that sure. I have gone the past three years, but I am kinda over it. But if you have never been it is a blast.


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Yea I never been. I'm hoping to have my bike done in time. The way it's looking tho its probably not gonna happen. Paint, new wheel, powder coat.


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Yeah, Im sure I will be there off and on thruout the event as I am in Mesa/AZ see whats going into compete for the best bagger contest and definetly head out to the Hideaway always something going on there


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Would love to get somewhere warm for a few days but Scottsdale is 900 mi from where I'm at. Things are slow at work though, might have to do it.

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We will be there for sure can't wait need some time off work lol


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Shoot I thought I was gonna be able to go but looks like im waiting on a wheel. I guess I need to hurry up and pull my head out and decide on which one I want to go with!!:6 (3):