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Apes and mirrors... who has what?

Finding out how important mirrors are when you dont have them! I need to get some mirrors for my 15" Kodlin Z-apes. What is every one else have? I am borrowing a friends stock mirrors turned upside down off the hand controls, and they seem to work pretty good, but I am wanting something better.

So the question is, over the bars, under the bars, on the fairing, dont worry about it.... what???



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14" Yaffes on my RG w Yaffe mirrors, over the bars. They're small, can't see much, but ya get used to them.


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Ness makes some nice looking mirrors that he doesn't want an arm and a leg for. I'm personally using stock black mirrors on my 14" Outlawz.

Yeah, trying to avoid doing the SG way... Looked at a simple set of 3" round ones that I will mount upside down... Wicked had a set of rounds with a star shape on the back, but they no longer have them... That would have went with the "theme"!


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I'm running mine down because they look good down there, and the shape under my armpit is perfect to see all of the mirror.


Not sure of brand,.. they are cheapie $25 mirrors off ebay but have held up great for a few years now.

Chopper 918

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I've got the Sinister Wicked Street Gilde bars and Yaffe mirrors. The bars are comfortable, the mirrors look cool and you can ALMOST see what's behind you.

You see, the key to both of those mirrors above is the mirror peg/bar. They both swoop out which makes them look great. They stay close to the bars... I like! I ended up using a stock set of ovals from a Duece turned upside down. BTW Chopper 918, those bars fit the fairing great... same shape as the top of the dash... thats badass and unusual! Which I definitely dig... Thats why I love my Kodlin bars... there different. Sedona, dont even consider changing that color... looks great!


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Any more pics and ideas of reasonably priced mirrors? Need some for my 10in Monkey Bars.


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Those must be stock on Electra's/Ultra's, not Street Glides right? I like those, might look to find a used set for cheap for now.


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I have 12" Yaffe Monkey bars on mine and kept the stock fairing mirrors, I can actually see better out of them now.


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imo with mirrors getting smaller and smaller why even put mirrors on? lol I know its law in some states but not here in NM so im thinking no mirrors for me.