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Anyone mount a 26" tire themselves?


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Well I'm getting ready to order my 26" wheel. Only problem is they don't mount them, and in small town New Mexico there's no one for 300 miles that can. So my question is, has anyone hand mounted a 26 vee rubber on a rim themselves. If so how and is it hard? Thanks


I seen/helped paul mount 1, he does them by hand, and its a bitch lol - and guessing when he does them alone, its got to be a bigger bitch.


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here is what you will need:
-2 buddies (preferably strong)
-video camera

now sit in the lawnchair and film it while drinkin beer so we can find out how hard it actually is hahah

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Who are u buying the wheel from if u want u can sent it to us and we can mount it for u ?

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... if u want u can sent it to us and we can mount it for u ?

I was going to highly recommend sending it to somebody that knows what the hell they are doing. Mounting a 23" without the appropriate tools was hard enough for me... but I'm a complete frickin' mo-roon so I'm at an obvious disadvantage...

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messing up a 26 is not a cheap fuck up thats for sure


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Sweet thanks guys. So many wheels!!! Like going to a shoe store! A very expensive one!!!

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well I not sure if I would even do this myself. but . in a bind you are . do you have a discount tire by you . I know they mount motorcycle tires. you could try them.I dont know if they could do a 26 inch wheel,.