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Anyone carry while riding?


One of THE 150!
Im going to be making a holder for in the baggers. Clean simple locking holster for Glock 21 .45 to start .
Curious if anyone carrys and what you carry .


Resident JerkFade
Ruger LC9 or S&W M&P .40

love my S&W, such a great weapon. crisp trigger pull, adjustable backstrap, slim profile (for a double stack gun) and accurate. LC9 serves its purpose - slim, light, fits in my pocket or vest. i wish Glock would come out with a single stack subcompact 9mm!

im lucky in that Uncle Sam pays me to teach, train, shoot, and maintain weapons all day every day.


One of THE 150!
Quick98, to be fair you were not allowed to carry concealed before Nov. 1st of this year. Been back to WI a few times since Nov. and its nice to not have to put it away when I crossed the boarder (not that I did lol).
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