Another Street Bob to Dyna Bagger conversion


Another Street Bob to Dyna Bagger conversion.

Well, I have started first a thread in a another category but I think this might be the correct on.

Here some facts of my Bike:
-2007 Dyna Street Bob
-23†front 18†rear
-Arnott air-ride
-front air-ride (in process, probably in about two weeks I’ll update this)
-4†Tommy&Sons Saddlebags
-Rear fender ala Bad-Dad style
-Wide Glide Triple tree
-Santee mid Ape-hanger
-New exhaust system V&H big radius 2-2 (I’ll update the pics in a few days)
-self made double seat

I was struggling a lot with the bracket system for the saddlebags but I think finally I found a solution. Main problem that I had was that the bike wasn’t level to the ground so I had to “simulate†the Front-Air ride system and I slided the fork tubes further into the triple trees. The front air system will be pumped approx. 2.5â€-3†So I would have enough clearance between the front fender and the lower triple tree.
Once the bike was level I have started to mount first of all the fender in order to see the shape and the angle of the tail of the fender. In combination to that I figured out the vertical position of the saddlebags watching from the front and from the side view (that was horrible!). I took me a few hours between deciding the minimum height. I decided to mount the bags with a little bit of angle (side view) so it always keeps the bike a bit longer and gives it a lil bit of the “lowrider-lookâ€

Next steps will be mounting the Road Glide fairing with the compressor for the front system in the inside of the fairing and see what happens ;-) the winter just began and I’ll do the work “Poquito a Poco†that’s how we say it here in Spain :-D I hope you’ll like it and I’m always happy to receive your feedback and probably some kick’n ideas from you guys ;-)

Cheers & saludos, Tommy


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Were the rear bags and fender bolt on or they needed to be custom mounted and cut out for the shock?

Nice work so far....


The bags+Fender have to be modified. I had to cut off a part of the inner side of the bags but it's a 5 min job. You just have to make sure which height of the bags you want. I did it with the air shocks inflated to make sure that the whole line of the bike is ok.
Later I put the fender on to see if it matches perfectly with the shape and the distance between the bags is correct.
I'll post soon more pics.

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