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another cool RG i saw


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what i like about this bike is they matched the rear rim with the front. most people don't do that but i think it completely finishes the bike. IMG_2590.jpg IMG_2577.jpg IMG_2536.jpg IMG_2600.jpg


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I agree the bike is sweet. But I think the pic would have been much better, had someone not double stacked the cushions.

Jus sayin.


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Hahaha the couches are what makes the pics. I gotta remember when I do my shoot I'll have to one up the couch pic!! Lol


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They must have chased away the homeless dude that was sleeping on that couch. Otherwise he'd be in the pic too!
Seriously, the bike is hot. I don't get that he changed out the rear wheel but left the football air cleaner on??


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it definitely needs an aftermarket intake. that one is butt ugly painted plain red. other then that, sweet bike


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That's a really nice bike. I also like the fact that he changed the rear wheel too.
I do agree with you guys about the air filter. It's kind of like doing all that work & not painting the inner fairing.
Believe it or not I know a few people who actually love the stock air filter. Baffles me but, they do.

Tap it!


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I like guys that aren't scared to work with the OEM touches. I know what yall are saying, but look back at the pic and imagine a set of those paintable covers for the underside of the floorboards... Just a little splash of red to tie up some of the chrome flash and I think it is cool.. (but it is cool as it sits, actually)