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Hey guys! I've been studying all of this over and have decided on the look that I want to achieve. My question is, can you do a 26 inch wheel with a 7 and 7 kit? Can you mix the frame rake and the tree rake ( ie: 9 on the frame and 7 on the trees)? I know that the 9 and 9 is the norm but would like to achieve a less stretched look on my RG. Any info would be appreciated. And GREAT site, you guys are a wealth of info! Thanks!


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This is the info Paul from Native gave me that he got directly from HHI. I personally went with the 7 deg neck and 9 deg tree because I dont like the neck looking too stretched.

7 neck and 7 tree would be the same overall rake as the Kewl Metal kit. (40 degrees)
7 neck and 9 tree would be 42 degree overall rake.
9 neck and 9 tree would be 44 degree overall rake

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If you don't like the neck being too stretched then don't use a neck kit. Reuse the stock neck instead that way you can choose the position. The neck kit moves the neck out 2" to help the ignition clear. This could be brought back to 1" but it would be a tight fit.

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