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I got a 2010 sg and there is an abs light on it but never has came on I heard if the brake line runs under the gas tank you then have abs I don't believe mine does looks like it goes down to the triple trees then splits to each caliber I have had the brakes Locked up and the light I've again never came on and it didn't feel like abs I was just wondering Harley used the same rpm gauge for models with and without abs


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Have your brake lines been changed?

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If you have a wire running along with the left brake line down to the front wheel to a black ring around the axle, you have ABS


pull your right side cover off, if you have as huge piece of shiny alum there, you have abs... but the easy was the left side spacer is the abs pickup and will have a wire running up the brake line.


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Im pretty sure I don't have abs I don't see no wire ran to the calibers thanks for the info this site pretty badass already

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