Abs brake line change

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I have an 09 sg and abs and I put 14 inch apes on with all new extended lines , when u change the line from the lever to the abs module do it very slowly, take the bolt out of the reservoir and put the new line and bolt in, then let the brake fluid run down the new line so air is gone, then take the line off the module the fluid will be right at the top of the bolt hole, put the new line and bolt in do not tighten let fluid seep out a minute to get rid of air then u can tighten. Do not squeeze brake lever at anytime, now replace the line from the module to the junction block and bleed that line, keep fluid in reservoir at all times, u can hook up the lines to the calipers and bleed as well, u will need another person to help u out it makes it easier, I did this on mine and all worked perfectly, I have 2 extended brake line kits for up to 16 inch bars if u want a set at a great price, good luck any questions feel free to ask D

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