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A little motor project


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Me and my buddy Craig from CFO have a little project going. Bottom end is out to T-MAN performance heads are also there. TR is building us everything for a blower different heads said he is doing a few different things to the bottom end and putting in a 107. Tranny will be a Baker DD7. We are putting the Pro Charger on should be 185 hp plus when its all done. I should have some motor parts back next week and I can post a few other pictures. Hopefully it comes out goodget-attachment.aspx.jpg


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Started on the dyno today it's a beast I had 186 hp no tune and my clutch was slipping. We fixed the clutch tonight should be all done tomorrow in the 190's hoping for 200 but we will see


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Awesome build bro...I run Tman shit in all motors i build...I'm runnin 124hp and 132tq and i love it....cant wait to see ur numbers with a tune


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I'm still at 186 my clutch is slipping right at the end so we tuned it down a little so I can ride it in Daytona with hopefully no issues. I need to buy a AIM complete clutch when I get back from Daytona and also get bigger pulleys for my belt on my blower. Then I will easily be at 200hp and we might build our own inner cooler and a few other goodies and really put us up there. I'm still beyond thrilled with 186 hp out of a 107 with a sinister up yours exhaust lol


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Tell your dyno guy to print you the uncorrected dyno chart and you should have your 200hp goal lol!!!

Good luck, I'm very interested to se how you make out with the clutch situation and your feedback of driving around with it on bike week.

Would like to see the dyno sheet. Looks like a nice build. Good luck it enjoy.
We are building are Threshold 107 blower motor with with procharger the bike was making 195hp before we are hoping for 230hp plus when I am done with it this time around.

Here is a dyno sheet on my 96.99 08 st glide with procharger and my Theshold blower motor. 182hp and 152 tq.
This build is
Dragos stage3 heads
Dragos 570 blower cam
Stock HD cylinders with custom made pistons by REV PER. bored 5 thou over stock
Dragos 69 injectors
Procharger 11/12 boost
Dragos SCS 2:1 3 inch blower baffle- Not are Dragula. I just installed the Dragula on this bike a few weeks ago building bigger injectors for ran out of fuel at 5000 rpm wih this pipe. Should have it back on dyno in a 2/3 weeks.
I raced a guy last summer at a bike night I sponsor. he had a 2008 1000 Yamaha yzr. I got him out of the hole but he passed Less than a 1/8 of mile I had him but the rpm of that bike and Hp vs weight beat me plus I am not a good racer.. Just build them dont race them... Now if I had my 300 hp busa I would have spanked him bad........ But its funny to see a 880lbs bike + 200lbs rider taken on a C..... rocket that the weight is 580lbs and rider was about 165lbs. That can rev 12,ooo rpm plus. And get him out of the hole by at least 1/8 mile. is very funny.

Bet you can't wait to smoke a few crotch rockets.

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