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'81 CB900C restomod build

Viggy Baggins

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Hey all, picked up a CB900C last year, been having a lot of fun with it, and have been slowly accumulating parts to make it the best it can be.

Doing a blend of old, new, and whatever else works.

So here's the starting bike.


Price was right, it ran, perfect. I needed a new bike. Got to riding it, started liking it more, and decided to build my version of a bike my dad had when I was younger. He had an XS1100J. Over time he pieced together a full Vetter set for it. Windjammer fairing, hard bags, trunk, used the rack off a Suzuki to mount the trunk. Found a hitch off a BMW that he made work. We had a little trailer we pulled behind it. Had a Supertrapp exhaust, he even had a radio housing on the bike. To me, it was the coolest thing ever.
So it was time to build mine.

Now, as much fun as his was, and as much fun as this thing is stock, I'm a bigger guy, and I have different tastes. To that effect, there's a whole laundry list of things I'm doing to make this a one of kind build that I can continue to put miles on.

First and foremost was getting all the Vetter bodywork. This and the bike itself comprise the old part. Fairing, bags, trunk, etc. Even got the leg fairings, though I still need to trim them to clear my motor (they came off a Suzuki). Had to fab a couple sets of brackets together to get everything to work since everything came off different bikes, though I will finally have a full bracket set for my model coming this summer.
So here's everything mounted for initial setup and testing.

Good god does that trunk sit high...... Can't wait to get the brackets meant for my frame.

Interesting fact, Craig Vetter claimed that through testing and development that a full set of his bodywork together would increase MPG. He wasn't kidding. The wind tunnel testing paid off. With just a fairing, I was getting like 33-34mpg. With everything mounted, old tires, etc, I went up to 38-39mpg. That's with me hot rodding everywhere. Not too shabby.

So with all of that accomplished, I've been working on building a parts list and stockpiling parts.

Parts acquired:
GL1200 front end
GL1100 rear alloy (bike has Comstars front and back currently)
GL1000 brake line splitter for front (GL1200 was the start of the linked brakes. I intend to plumb it up standard instead)
4-2 header and turnout pipes (current exhaust is a 4-2, but it pairs left vs, the new one pairs inner vs outer. Not entirely convinced I'll stay with a 4-2, might go with a Delkovich 4-1 later on)
New switchpods with backlight

Parts still needed:
Mufflers (looking at running Rhinehart clones)
Full system rewire with mini blade fuses and relays
'20 CB650R headlight
LED taillights (I'm looking at a set made for a Harley, goes between the fender and bags. For how I intend to finish the back end, these will work perfect)
Shorter and heavier rear shocks. The GL1200 front end is going to be good for a 3-3.5" drop in the front. Need to bring the back down as well as make it stiffer.
Lots of misc such as ignition upgrades, carb upgrades, custom seat, integrating a fuel level sender and gauge, and all the other small details that make a build.

Front end should be getting rebuild for install pretty soon. Fitted the GL1100 rear wheel last night, everything lined up, replaced the CB900C wheel perfectly. Not surprising given that Honda used most of the GL1100 rear drive parts when they made the Custom model. Good news for me, because it means I can also upgrade from the single piston caliper to the twin piston setup with more pad material.

The GL parts I'm using
20220223_191306 (1).jpg

Last night's mockup of the rear wheel. It looks so much better than the Comstar

So it goes without saying that this obviously wont be as low slung or ground hugging as a lot of bagger builds, but then I'm not trying to make it look like a Harley either.

That wraps it up for the progress so far. Should be progressing at a decent rate from here as I continue working through replacing old stuff and upgrading things all around.

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