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26" SG Guilty Pleasure MOD's


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26'r on the ground...Done for now till I see something in Daytona next week!
Wife has renamed the bike this morning from Guilty Pleasure to Speechless! lol

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I thought you had a clear front rim, lol, I have seen one, I guess I'm going to stick with 21, don't have the nerve for 26, keep pics posted.


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There are some clear wheels out there have seen a 23" in person it was custom built and nice...
Have decided on a 26" Glenndyne Design G1 in chrome...
Cant wait till I get it completed...


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I agree Aaron @ GlennDyne Design has been a cool dude to work with...He took the time to respond to my emails and even sent many individual pictures to help me decide on what I was looking for...A++ in my book for the on hands customer service.


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Sweet bike. Thanks for posting the pics of the razor pak in the other thread. Not too many people doing that but I think it looks great!

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In the same boat as you, thought about just doing the 23, but after talking to some guys decided on the 26. Go big or go home huh? Keep pics coming bro


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Got any close up side pics? Those pics seem pretty small, maybe it's my phone

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Its buttoned up...Waiting on 26'r, front brake line and new headlight ring to arrive.

lol currently have my imaginary invisible wheel on it now...this bagger 'ish stuff is additive!