26 Neck and Tree manufacturer preferences

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Let the shopping begin.

Who else makes these besides HHI? Looking for recommendations from the forum on what is best from your experience. It appears that HHI is popular and I have watched the videos on youtube and hear alot about them. I have a welder in place who is more that qualified to do the job and is super excited to get started. Just need to know what other brands are out there to choose from. I would rather get the neck and trees from the same place (true?)



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Pickard, Wooten Race Weeks, AF Kustoms, Yaffe, and HHI make neck kits.

I wouldn't be too concerned about buying the trees and neck in the same place, but you will most likely save a couple bucks that way.

Having uses an HHI neck, the next one will most likely be from Pickard as I like the stock looking neck better. "Asthetically..."

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if you have a welder available, you can do your own neck and have more options on stretch. If your bike is 08 or older its a no-brainer the way the backbone is on these bikes. If interested I can show ya how I'm doing mine.