23 Street Glide to 30 Road Glide


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Damn Bill. It's been awhile since I've been in the site. Bike is coming along. Looking killer.
Thanks Bro!! Slow though. Started a new bike business, and that's taking all my time. I have made the decision not to rush it, so it won't be going to Daytona or Panama City this spring. I am rebuilding my stock RG CVO into a 180 front fat tire bike, front and rear air ride, and a center stand. Also going to do a few audio upgrades. Got to have something to show and thought that I would try a fat tire build, as there are not many around here. I'll keep chugging along with the 30 though.


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Nice. Looks and sounds like s good time. Keep us posted. I'd like to see the progress.

Good luck with the new business.

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