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23 raked tree install


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I am fairly handy and do nearly all of my own work on my bikes and cars. Previously worked as a mechanic (20 years ago) and am not intimidated by much, mechanically speaking. I have done bars on RG, RK, swapped all tins on RG (including tank), tabbed and installed a BT iPhone setup on my RK before there were kits, full audio setup (F/R/Amp) on my 19 RG, and even helped a friend do cams on his 103 Dyna. That being said, how involved is the raked tree instal on 14+ RG? I haven't found a good step-by-step video or tutorial. Does the inner fairing have to come off? Lastly, I know the HHI-X gets a lot of run here. Any reason it would be better than AS (my previous 1st choice) or Pickard (2nd)? TIA