23 or 26 with trees only?

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So I dont have the balls to cut the neck on my 2013 Road Glide when I get it. I want options and advise on a trees only wheel upgrade. I want a 26" because this site is a bad influence. And they just look bad ass. I will do air ride in the rear with a lowering kit also.

Lots have done a 23 with just trees.
I know from Suave that a 26 will work with just trees. But he is about the only one who has done it that way. I like the snub nose look on the Road Glide.
I dont want to do a 23 and wish I did a 26.
I plan on riding the bike a lot.
I know I can always cut the frame later.

Pickard USA is close to me and have a set of 9* trees for a 26 but on the site they suggest the neck kit also.
Trick Billet has a set of 9* and says they work fine with a 26 and no neck cutting. This is what Suave has.