23" front trees only?

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Seems the trend or opinion used to be chop the neck only for 23 & 26" wheels. Now that Pickard seems to have the trees dialed in this seems like the best option for a 23" front. I am very interested in the Pickard trees and have seen the group buy deal as well. I knd of like the idea of not chopping my frame to use a 23" wheel then have to rechop to go to a 26" later. (Maybe maybe not).I like the idea if i change my mind i can chop my neck from scratch to switch if i decide.
How many are running Pickard trees And would you go that route again?
I'd like to see more good pics of Batwings with Pickard trees and 23's please post em if you got them Thanks!


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this also has a 1" lowering kit with our extended fork stops. The lowering kit is not necessary, but it levels out the bike to give it a nice stance. We make our own wheels, rotors, fenders and trees so let me know if you need a complete 23" front end package