23" bolt on bagger trees that DO NOT wobble!!!!

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Over the past year, we have finally developed a true bolt on FL style bagger tree that is set up for 23" wheels. The trail is 6.4, which is very close to stock (6.7). We have done a lot of RnD on these trees and finally went into production a few months ago. These trees have about a 6 deg rake, but there were many different geometries that we adjusted to get the trail back towards stock. These trees DO NOT wobble at high speeds like some other trees on the market. We have a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

Some differences in our bagger trees compared to others are the following:

- does not require a headlight trim or relocation kit
- allows plenty of suspension travel
- can use a 1" lowering kit if you purchase our fork tube adapters (will still have plenty of travel)
- works on all FL models (including Road King, nacelle fits)
- all stock fairing brackets, etc bolt up with no modifications
- fork lock works

We have plenty of trees in stock and are ready to ship. All forum members will receive 10% off. Retail is 899.00 and the fork tube adapters are 40.00. If this is of interest to forum members, we can do a group buy and pass additional savings down to everyone.

6 deg bagger trees.jpg6 deg bagger trees 2.jpg

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