204 HP 167 Tq Threshold 107 with Procharger New World record

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We just tuned in a DBW 107 that made 204 and 167 tq 93 oct pump gas Road glide.
Not done yet. We tacked the 80 pound injectors at 6000 grand I am building new ones so we can crank it up. I will post dyno sheet Monday....
We were the first to make a 107 hit 182 them 185//193 now 204hp and has more to go....... stay tuned...
Threshold blower motor 107
DBW Stage 4 bloer heads
DBW 570 Cams blower
DBW 80 injectors
DBW Dragula exhaust 2:1
DBW chain drive ids cuss 3.04
AIM clutch 480 spring.

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