2015 RG 2-Speaker Boom! Bagger kit upgrade....


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Hi bagger Brothers and sisters,

I am hoping someone has been down this road before me

I bought and had installed the Stage 1 Boom! Audio bagger kit P/N 76000587 (Amp, stage one fairing speakers etc) because I got a crazy good deal, I thought. Better than stock but I'm not 100% happy with the speakers. I want to swap the speakers out for the Stage 2 Boom! fairing kit P/N 76000594. The Harley book says "Not compatible with models equipped with stage 1 Boom! Audio components". The Question - Can I swap out the stage 1 speakers with Stage 2 speakers? Nothing else is attached to the set up. Fairing speakers only. Or do I have to go with something like Rockford etc and, if so, with these hook straight up to my existing amp?

Amp - https://houseofharley.com/Harley-Davidson-and-reg-Fairing-Mounted-Boom-Audio-Amplifier-Kit-76000523.html
Full Kit - https://houseofharley.com/harley-davidson-and-reg-boom-audio-stage-i-bagger-amp-and-speaker-kit-2-speaker-15-later-road-glide-76000587A.html

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