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2012 Street Glide in Progress, Trike trees and 23"

Gary H.

One of THE 150!
Here goes. With all these cool looking bikes on here, I'm almost ashamed to post this.

I bought this in early November. I had a Woods 555 cam and the heavy breather installed prior to picking it up. I should have went on and done it myself, but I was working 7 days a week back then and knew it would be awhile before I got around to it. I installed the Sinister Up Yours exhaust prior to them doing the cams. Picked it up the 3rd week of November.

Initially, I was going with the 26", but work petered out and I downsized to the 23". I didn't know anyone that had tried the HHI trees and didn't want to be a guinney pig on this project for my first build. I thought about cutting the frame, but just couldn't on a bike with only 200 miles on it. I ended up going with the Trike Trees. Their either 4 or 5 degrees, not sure. Got that done and realized I needed the trike fairing skirt, so it took another week and a half because evidently Harley parts closed down for some time at Christmas. I decided to leave the tubes stock length and try it out before I did the chrome lowers just in case the build needed it. I've put about 500 miles on it since. Initially, I had the trees (fall away) a little loose. Now, I have it a little tight. When I get time on of these days that it's a little warmer, I'll get that right. I've changed mid build from doing a skulls theme to doing mostly flames as you can see in the wheels. I've got the 23" front and the 18" rear. The rear is lowered 2" right now. I've gotta ride it at that height to see if I like it or not. I installed the Roland Sands bars on it. Geesh, that was a project. I can believe they put the uprights on the bars into the horizontal lower bar and the top where the grips go, almost 1/2 way! My die grinder puked because it hadn't been ran in 15 years, so I fought those and had one hell of a time. Never again! I'll go 1 1/4" or even 1 1/2" if I ever change them again, with some better quality bars. I'm really down on these bars, but location is pretty close to what I wanted them.





I'm getting pretty decent numbers on the engine, considering the sound of these pipes.

Right now, the wife has decided she dislikes the Sinister pipes and the Danny Gray weekday XL seat with the 3 skulls, so their up for sale. I purchased 2" wider, 4" extended bags with 6"x9" lids and wide rear fender from a pretty much unknown source, and their pretty much crap. I worked as a body man when I got out of school, so I have confidence in myself to make them decent. I'm going to apply fiberglass mesh with some epoxy resin to the insides to toughen them up (thin spots) and to smooth the insides. The outsides will take a lot work to get straight. If i don't end up sell my Sinister Up Yours exhaust, I'm going to keep them and I have to radius the right side bag because the exhaust hits about 1/2" into the bag. And then extend the piece at the very end about an inch and a half so as to not cook the paint job. If I do sell them, I'll have to do the radius cuts for the exhaust which won't be a biggy. I'll get to the body work when it warms up a little, but probably won't get to custom paint until next fall/winter. I'm going to run it this year before I make a decision on the rake, but I'm pretty sure I'll be tearing down again next winter to rake it some more. I may try the 2" extended fork tubes to see if that helps with the looks, but I doubt it. The whole thing is raised about 1 1/2" with these wheels now. Lowering the rear helps a tad. Anyway, it's going to be a work in progress for awhile as funds and time allow for it. The remainder of the winter, I'll do the chrome lowers, polish the rotors and maybe extend the tubes. Maybe even do the corvette shocks with the pump and do my own rear air ride.
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Looks good Gary, I haven't purchased my rake kit and trees yet because I want to sit on a bike with the cut neck and raked trees and 26" wheel before I decide 23" or 26". But from everything I've heard I think I would be crazy to consider the 23" because I would be redoing it next winter.
Thanks for sharing your pictures and story.

Gary H.

One of THE 150!
thats what I should have done RedGlide! I don't dislike the 23 at all. Ah heck, I'm not unhappy with it. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty happy with it. I just would have liked the stretch to be a little more.


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Nice Bike Gary....... I saw the youtube vid of shope and his pipes but just wondering how they sound? You cant really tell on a brain box..... I like a loud pipe.... Because they save lives right!!!! I had Frankie surrano from FSD build me a pipe last winter and i ended up putting a elbow on it because it blew into my extended bags.. It has the same flare to it but NO baffles and my friendly law officer asked me nicely to quiet it down a bit! 3X i might ad. I def like this exhaust. Thanks for any input...

Gary H.

One of THE 150!
Well, it's quiter than a straight pipe with a big end flair, but NOT MUCH. ;-) The low shuddering sound I get on that video, is not there. If you've ever heard the Vance & Hines long radius, it's very similar, just a lower pitch. The big collector after the pipes comes together really deepens the sound and their is some baffling inside the pipe, but it's just a ceramic welded to the inside of the collector. Almost like the steel mesh that they use for the base of plaster work on the interior of the house. Their loud, but if you stay out of the throttle, their not too bad. The ONLY time it's a problem for my wife is when I'm running 75 or 80 on the interstate. Then the loud hum gets to the wife. Around time, we both love em. Haven't had any issues with the local enforcement, but that's not to say I won't. It's kinda hard for me to stay off the throttle on this bike.

Gary H.

One of THE 150!
Just a word of warning to those thinking about Trike trees and the 23", your going to need to extend your front forks or install a limiter in them so this doesn't happen to you.



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I had that same problem so I installed longer spacers in my fork tubes & SE Fork oil. No problems at all since.

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Just cut out where it hits in a custom shape. People will think it was supposed to be like that.


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Ouch. That was at stock height up front too?

Good excuse to get a new fender though, if you want to try and be positive about shit haha.

Gary H.

One of THE 150!
Yep, going with the FL I believe. I'm still thinking about switching to a 26 or 30 this winter. I'm pretty sure I'm at least going to rake it some more. The more I work, the more I'm thinking this is going to turn into a monster for me this winter with the CamTech tank & side covers and more stretch. Definately gotta have new bars! I guess it'll be Phase II! I should have my bags done by winter at the rate I'm going on them. That TJD Customs stuff is some PURE shite!

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