2012 Fatboy Bagger Build


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OK, this took way to long to update but it is finally done except for the minor bugs always found after a build. Cannot thank the guys enough at CamTech Custom Baggers for showing me how to do fiberglass work. The guys there are top notch and put up with a ton of my crap over the last seven months but we got it done. This was fun and miserable at times but I would do it all over again given the chance. Now I know it's not a Road King, Road Glide or Street Glide but a Fatboy makes one hell of a bagger done the right way. Like it or hate it people this is my vision for my bike done my way.
Amen, brother! Came out great. How is the ride with just the trees? I believe you went with the Ness 6 degree and no cut, right?
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Can anyone help with this question? Mark at HHI says that he recommends running their 4 degree fatboy neck for a 23" front wheel. Been reading a lot of forum talk here and other sites and there seems to be some mixed discussion on this. I ride every day I get the chance so we are not dealing with a show bike. Some say to run a 6 degree set and some say they have a 4. The reasoning behind going to the 6 degree is because they did not like the wheel tucked in so much. My thinking is that keeping the trail correct is the most important factor when riding for the best possible ride. I am going to be running a 23 fat 50 spoke front wheel with an old/new school style paint so I am trying to accomplish old meets new style. I would just like some input from anyone that has done the 23 and raked trees and what their thoughts are. Any pics with this setup so I could see would be great, 4 degree and 6 degree. Thanks
Take a look at my 05 Fatboy build in here that is 4 degree HHI trees and a 23 inch front wheel.... Rides great I've been 100 mph on it.. No issues at all..


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