2010 Custom Road Glide - Need Pricing Opinions Please

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Tough times have forced me to put my Road Glide up for sale and I would like some fair market value opinions from the group. Picture is attached, here is a short list:

2010 Road Glide
3700 Miles
103" Kit
Power commander
D+D 2 into 1 with falsie
Pickard high rolla wheels
Bad Dad fender and bags
Klockwerks front fender
American Suspension Front end
Klockwerks windshield
Custom tail lights/brake lights (modifiable to new owner's tastes)
Custom removable sissy bar
Yaffe bars
Alpine head unit
Rockford amp
4 Hertz speakers in the fairing
Trotta boards/pedals/latches
Custom deep black paint and custom Harley tank logo

Adult driven and properly broken in, awesome performance out of the engine/cams/exhaust set-up. Way over $40K in (I know that means nothing).

My first guess is $31,500 will move it. Thoughts/opinions are appreciated.IMG_0266.jpgIMG_0279.jpg


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My opinion on custom bikes is to gather a number using the value of the bike and take between 15% and 25% percent of the accessory cost and that would be where I would want my number. I would price it above that so that when people haggle with you they feel like they are getting a deal but are at the number you originally want. I had over 50k into my bagger and when I went to sell it the dealer was going to give me 21k. Obviously that was trade in but when it comes to resale unfortunately no one views accessories for what they are worth. I know this probably isn't what you want to hear. I live in the Midwest so things maybe different on other ends of the country but that's just here.

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Is that a 21 on the front?
I'd say with the right buyer 24k

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