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2004 Roadstar Bagger


One of THE 150!
Just built it last winter and now it needs a bigger front wheel, that will be my winterproject for this year.

Bagger 20911 005 (Medium).jpgBagger 20911 007 (Medium).jpgBagger 2 007 (Small) (WinCE).jpgBagger 2 008.jpgBagger 2 010 (Small).jpg

About the bike:
2004 Yamaha Roadstar 15k miles (bougth it last year with 6k miles)
Baddad rear fenders.
MK wrapped front fender.
TJD Customs stretched bags
TJD Customs lids and hinges
Custommade mini apehangers
Fairing from ebay??????? with marine stereo
MotozoomTurndown Exhaust
Corbin seat.
Painted in Masseratti grey.
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I used to own some shit!
Lookin good man, I have seen some really nice Yamaha's in my day. They are VERY supported in the aftermarket making modifications fairly straight forward.


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Did you put a 21 on this? I'm considering a 21 as well. I would like some information on how you did it. Also looking for some roadstar bags. I wish there was a bag that fir more like the roadliner/stratoliner bags do on those bikes. Thanks for the info


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Hey there! yeah, I agree... a bigger front wheel is definitely in order... is that the stock front wheel? I ask because it does look smaller than stock in the pix...

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