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1998-2012 roadglide vivid black inner fairing with swich cap COMPLETE!


1998-2012 Road Glide Vivid Black Inner Fairing. HD part # would be 58722-09DH .
This is a 2010 factory take off fairing that we have painted to match a 98-2012 vivid black roadglide. This is NOT an exchange, the fairing is painted, boxed and ready to be shipped.

975.00 shipped



One of THE 150!
Not trying to be funny, but trying to figure where the deal is since the HD part is only $20 more, and almost any dealer will give you 10% off anyway. So it seems it would be cheaper to get it from the dealer, or am I missing something?


One of THE 150!
I checked the price both locally and on the web, I can beat that price by over $100 easily, dealers will charge tax, and the web will charge shipping, but I can still have it color matched and new for less.